My Restaurant Wish List

So I’m constantly making lists of restaurants that I want to eat at. Literally, when I’m not eating I’m thinking about what I want to eat and where I need to go. When I go to a new city, or even THINK of going to a new city I look up what their food scene is like and if it is worth the travel. In my opinion a nice hotel is great, but if there is not good food to eat when you get there, then you might as well stay home. My list of restaurants is spread out throughout the country, that being said I understand some restaurants I’ll be able to visit sooner then others. BUT I am not going to let that limit me, or my goals! So here is my current list of restaurants that I aim to visit ASAP, and once I do I’ll write the reviews here! Stay tuned because this list will get updated CONSTANTLY.

Bon Appetit recently cited Houston as one of the best food cities in the country! Whooo-hooo! My hometown! So many of the restaurants on the list are there. Click the link to read the article here. (Check out their crawfish picture, its from Crawfish and Noodles!!)

  • Brennan’s of Houston,
  • Nancy’s Hustle,
  • One Fifth,
  • Anvil,
  • Milk Bar,
  • Mokofuku Noodle Bar
  • Scarpetta,
  • Theodore Rex,