Fiola Mare – My New Favorite Restaurant

I went to the most amazing restaurant recently, and I wanted to share the news. Multiple websites all promise that the lobster ravioli is amazing, and having ordered it, I can attest that to be the case. It’s so yum! I have since realized I prefer crab and shrimp to lobster, but that being said, it was the best lobster Ive ever had. Ive posted a picture of the restaurant below, not only was the food amazing, but the restaurant was beautiful!

Fiola Mare



Favorite New Restaurant! The Grill Room

Yum, yum, yum!

I’ve decided to change my focus a little, and in addition to sharing my recipes and passion for food with all you lovely people, I want to also share some of the other ways food has affected my life.  In support of this new transition,  I wanted to share my new favorite restaurant with everyone.  I went there recently, and not only loved it, but have already recommended this restaurant to my friends and family.  When you go, you should get the steak, and yes, unfortunately its a little pricey, but I figure if you save wisely, you also deserve to spend when you want. Besides everyone deserves a little luxury sometimes.

Capella, Georgetown: The Grill Room