Restaurant Review: Nancy’s Hustle, Full of Fabulousness

I recently visited Nancy’s Hustle, and let me tell you, it was beyond delicious. I so very much enjoyed myself. If you have not yet visited, you should go. And not just because I’m telling you to go, but because Bon Appitet is telling you to go; see here. While it took forever to get a table, the experience was well worth it. Our waiter was fantastic and the food was even better.

I was initially worried that since being mentioned in a nationally recognized culinary magazine the restaurant and the staff would be pretentious and arrogant. This could not have been further from where they were. The restaurant and staff were both warm and inviting, and seemed to almost blush whenever I mentioned that I had read about them in a magazine. Another interesting fact, they said that their restaurant attendance had not overwhelmingly increased since being featured, but that they have seated a full dining room on Saturday and Sunday since their second weekend. So I thought I was visiting Nancy’s Hustle because I had read such beautiful things about them, instead it appears I was late to the game, and I was just now learning what everyone else in Houston already knew.


sourdough tagliatelli, burrata, honey, pistachios, and crispy brussels sprouts



The Food: I had the pleasure of going with a wonderful group of ladies, so we were able to order multiple things off the menu. We ordered multiple appetizers and entrees, so I’ll just name my favorites. From the appetizer list, the ‘Nancy Cakes with whipped butter & smoked trout roe‘ was absolutely divine, probably my favorite dish of the evening. That is saying something because everything we ate was amazing. My second favorite appetizer was the ‘parmesan and pancetta croquettes’…I HAVE to figure out how to make these croquettes, so stay turned so you can enjoy the fruits of my labor. As for entrees, my favorites were the ‘sourdough tagliatelli, burrata, honey, pistachios, and crispy brussels sprouts,’ because I love LOVE homemade pasta, and will eat anything with burrata. I probably would eat cardboard with burrata, it’s that serious. My second favorite was the ‘rabbit leg confit & bacon-wrapped rabbit loin, braised beans, and sage.‘ Now I know, I know, not everyone eats rabbit, but this rabbit was delicious. It was wrapped in bacon, which only added to its deliciousness. When you go, ignore your hesitations and order the rabbit!

The Vibe: It was a cute place. It was smaller then I expected, which resulted in the crazy long wait. However, despite being full to the brim, the restaurant did not feel overly crowded…to say that I wasn’t forced to listen to our neighbors’ dinner conversation which was lovely. Also, our waiter was fantastic. He was VERY knowledgeable about the menu, and was able to effortlessly answer every question we had about ingredients and flavor combinations. I love knowledgeable waiters. There is nothing I find more frustrating then a clueless waiter, we both can’t be asking questions. This was not that experience.


rabbit leg confit & bacon-wrapped rabbit loin, braised beans, and sage


The Fabulous and Fancy: The food and the atmosphere were both amaze. I was pleasantly surprised. Even my trip to the bathroom was enjoyable, as I met Sean one of the restaurant owners who was humble beyond belief.

The Not So Much: The wait! I would have to say this was probably the only downside. That being said, the restaurant encourages reservations, which we did not have. So it is completely my fault that we had to wait so long. So I guess I don’t actually have a downside…maybe a more extensive cocktail list…but then, my cocktail was also amazing….so I guess I don’t know!


Look at this gorgeous menu and think about all the things you want to order



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