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New Cooking Goals for the New Year

Hello Readers! I am not really into New Years resolutions, but at the same time I always think its best to document your intentions to hold yourself more accountable. I love food, therefore most of my goals relate to food, and ways to make myself a more educated cook. So read below, and follow along my food journey.

1. Read more about amazing cooks that came before me. I recently read about Edna Lewis, one of the chefs (and she’s black!) responsible for making southern cooking mainstream for the average american, and was disappointed in myself for not already knowing about her. As my current profession is not culinary in nature, I think its important to learn about chefs who significantly impacted the world of food.

2. I have tons of notes and post-its around my house of recipe ideas, and new cooking strategies…so one of my goals in the new year, is to move this mess of notes around my house, and organize them on the blog. I believe that there is a higher chance I will actually move forward on my plans if I remember what my plans are, and can find them when I need them, haha.

3. Cooking, food and entertaining are my passion, but unfortunately it’s sometimes gets lost in the business of day-today.  Therefore another one of my goals is to think seriously about how to give my passion more screen time in my life.


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