Sunday Culinary Duties

Normally every weekend (preferably on Sunday, because I’m too busy sleeping-in on Saturday, and when you have a busy week like I do, you have a lot of sleep catching up to do!),  I have a few culinary responsibilities that help me get our family’s lunch and dinner meals together for the week to come.  So, I figured that rather than write multiple lists on multiple post-it notes around the house, this is a much better way to organize my thoughts.  Now I know this sounds a little crazy, so don’t judge me, but here goes:

  1. First I do an inventory of the leftovers, and ingredients we have in our fridge; these normally become next weeks’ lunch, and elements of next weeks’ dinners.  Also, this helps keep the fridge clean, and ensure nothing goes to waste.  I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting food.
  2. I then search for meals for the week (crazy, but this is my favorite part!). Normally this consists of me going through Bon Appetit magazines, and multiple recipe websites…my favorite spot of the moment is The Pioneer Woman.  Very rarely do I follow a recipe in its entirety, instead it’s often a combination of multiple recipes that I have edited to suit my family’s taste. 
  3. Then last but not least I plan out our meals.  Normally I decide four dinners for the week, this allows space for impromptu happy hours, and date nights (who doesn’t like surprise date nigh!?).  Plus if you make too much food, you have too many left-overs, and did I mention I hate wasting food?  So for dinner this week, we have:
  • Italian Butter Herb Roasted Chicken, with spinach and arugula salad
  • Salmon (I havent figured out yet how I’m going to make it, but as of late I have been in love with salmon)
  • Cabbage (See salmon point above, haha)
  • German-esque Pork Chops, with cream mushroom sauce, and hashbrowns

Favorite New Restaurant! The Grill Room

Yum, yum, yum!

I’ve decided to change my focus a little, and in addition to sharing my recipes and passion for food with all you lovely people, I want to also share some of the other ways food has affected my life.  In support of this new transition,  I wanted to share my new favorite restaurant with everyone.  I went there recently, and not only loved it, but have already recommended this restaurant to my friends and family.  When you go, you should get the steak, and yes, unfortunately its a little pricey, but I figure if you save wisely, you also deserve to spend when you want. Besides everyone deserves a little luxury sometimes.

Capella, Georgetown: The Grill Room

I’m here, and I apologize for the delay!

Hello family and friends! I apologize for the extended and very long delay.  I have been incredibly busy with work, and while work and life are not appropriate excuses–as this affects everyone–they are at the very least, my reasons.  BUT I do plan on getting this blog together again, and becoming a more frequent post putter-upper.  I mean, my husband and I eat everyday, so there is a plethora of yummy meals, snacks and hors d’oeuvres that I can share with all of you.  I say all this to say, stay tuned, more yummy meals to come. =)