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Bacon Wrapped Haddock & Pea Purée

While London may not be known for their food, both this dish as well as the summer risotto I made earlier this week, were so good I had to bring them home and cook for my husband.  Now he may not eat puréed peas on a regular basis,  but he loved this dish.  So if you want to try something different and yet fabulous at the same time (and impress some people) this recipe is just the thing!

Maybe the Brits do know their food
Maybe the Brits do know their food

Maybe the Brits do know their food

Bacon Wrapped Haddock & Pea Purée

1tbsp butter
1.5c frozen peas
1 clove garlic
1/4c chicken broth
1/4c chopped onions
1.5lbs fresh haddock, skin on
6 slices bacon
salt and pepper

1. Place frozen peas, chopped onion, garlic clove, 1/2tsbp butter in small saucepan with 1/2c water.  Cover and cook on med until peas are no longer frozen, approximately 10 min.

2. Move pea mixture to a separate bowl, add 1/4c chicken broth, and purée (mix) until pea mixture is the desired consistency.  (Some may prefer a more evenly blended mixture, I prefer some texture). Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Keep warm and set aside.

3.  Wash the haddock, and cut into 3 inch segments.  Season the un-skinned side with pepper, and place skin-side up in a lightly greased baking dish.  Bake at 450, for 10 minutes.

4. Remove fish from oven, and using a fork gently scrape the skin off of the haddock.  Once completed, gently wrap each haddock fillet with a slice of bacon, using a toothpick to secure the fillet.

5. Place 1tbsp olive oil, and 1/2 tbsp butter is saute pan.  Once butter is melted place haddock in pan, and cook on medium heat.  Cook until bacon on bottom side is crisp, approximately 5min.  Using a spatula, gently flip the haddock over.  Cook remaining side for additional five minutes, or until bacon is crisp.

6. Remove from pan, and serve with warmed pea purée and arugula.


3 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Haddock & Pea Purée

  1. I am so thrilled to see some of our favorite London food adventures featured in your very first blog posts! 🙂 While I may agree that NYC > London food scene wise, my recent culinary adventures in this city have not disappointed! Here’s the dish that I totally gorged on at a street food festival last weekend: Hand Dived West Bay Scallops served in the shell with Celeriac Puree, Old Spot Bacon and Seashore Vegetables.
    Check it out: http://www.kerbfood.com/traders/healthy-yummies/


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